Release Date: 15-04-2016 | Catalog: AFF 016
Format: 2 LP, CD, Digital Album
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Renowned electronic music duo Ogris Debris from Vienna is releasing its debut album! On “Constant Spring” they manage to keep a balance between vigorous house music, electronic pop and playful musicality.

The title says it all: spring fever, constant euphoria and a pioneering spirit are leaving a lasting impression and induce a longing for endless repetition. But the 12 multi-layered tracks do not only feed bold dance hedonism to the listener, they furthermore lure into a world of double meanings, depth and substance.

“Giant Stabs“, as the opener is called, is a full-blown house anthem, setting the pace with massive synths and samples. This mood is carried on by more irresistable piano chords in tracks like “Racer“ or April Fool“ and the driving synth-techno of “Midnight“. In between those we find enchanting dancefloor pop hits like “Brainfreeze” or “Beyond The Wall” as well as the Latin-tinged stomper “Lazer Gun” and the sweet and bubbly final track “Sometimes”.

There is also room for the rumbling funk of the successful album precursor “See The World” (check the video!) and the acid-soaked “Lie Cheat Steal” with its intriguing choir and lyrics, all the while showing the impressive range and depth of this album. To complete such a blooming variety we are treated to a revamp of their timeless onomatopoeic club hit “My Miezekatze” and the dubbed-out chords and rolling beats of “Nebula”.

Just like their label mates Dorian Concept and Cid Rim, Ogris Debris are never at a loss for catchy melodies embedded in formidable harmonic structures and very individual sounddesign to form a precise and idiosyncratic language. Among their most unique features are the inventive use of voices, sampling and synthesis. They enmesh the listeners with hooklines and clever yet poetic lyrics, all the while tearing down the dancefloor with muscular and elaborate beats.

Ogris Debris are sometimes compared to acts like Nôze or dOP, but if you ask the guys they will rather cite Frank Zappa, Pharrell Williams, Queen, DJ Koze, Jamie Lidell, Matthew Herbert, Modeselektor, Four Tet or Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys as influences.