Release Date: 24-06-2016 | Catalog: DIGAFF 006
Format: Single
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Gelato for everyone! Ogris Debris are releasing their tempting single „Brainfreeze“ from their successful debut album “Constant Spring” just in time for the summer season.

This track is a colorful and opulent „Techno-Pop-Hit“. A sweet temptation and an icebreaker in the vastness of frosty oceans of the club world. Ogris Debris are showing their dancefloor finesse with style! They combine luscious beats with shimmering grooves which are closely intertwined with rising synth-lines and dreamy vocals. “Brainfreeze” acts as a creamy pastel landscape where The Beach Boys meet Frankie Knuckles to go surfing.

The remixes by Letherette and Cid Rim complete this veritable explosion of taste. The English electronic-duo Letherette, one of the rising stars of the famous Ninja Tune label, enchant with “Brainfreeze” in an exciting house roller. Affine Records fellow and LuckyMe artist Cid Rim turns everything on it’s head by dipping the original in dub and glittering synth-pop. His remix jumps with ease back and forth between relaxed coolness and escalating high spirits. The vocals know the score: Sie gefallen mir! Sie gefallen mir sehr!