Release Date: 24-04-2024 | Catalog: DIGAFF 032
Format: EP
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Early 2024 somewhere in Vienna. Artist-label talk. The common tenor: “Before the album release of “Ok Ocean” in May, we will release a single that will literally immerse you in this sonorous underwater world”. The choice fell on “Unsung”. This track, which spreads slowly but steadily like a gentle watercourse in nature, inspired and paved the way for Zanshin to develop a more comprehensive concept through natural evolution. The single became an EP. The Vienna-based musician and producer works with reduction, sometimes more minimalist, sometimes more maximalist. Musical elements that unfold for minutes to reach the surface of the water slide back down to the ocean floor, where new life is created and reintegrated into the water cycle. “Unsung” becomes “Unsunk” becomes “Unthing” becomes “Unthink”. Panta rhei.