Release Date: 01-02-2023 | Catalog: DIGAFF 025
Format: Single / Digital
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Just a few weeks ago, new arrival Noayama released his debut single “I Went Left” ft. Hprizm (Anti-Pop Consortium) on Affine Records. Now comes the song “Majesty” on which the 21-year-old producer collaborates with Coppe’, affectionately known as “The Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica”.

The Tokyo-based artist has been active since the mid-90s, runs her own label Mango + Sweetrice Records, has released 19 albums in her career to date and has collaborated with artists such as Plaid, Barbara Morgenstern, DJ Vadim and Peanut Butter Wolf, among others.

The result of Noayama and Coppe’ collabo is an intimate downtempo piece with modern J-Pop sensibilities carried and clearly accentuated by her special vocals. This is another pretaste of Noayama’s debut album “Consume Land Flea Market” which will be released in late March 2023.