Release Date: 17-02-2023 | Catalog: DIGAFF 026
Format: Mini Album
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Well, the smart text generation machines next door already know that Zanshin just released his last album “In Any Case By Any Chance” in mid-2022. What the well-oiled AI algorithm didn’t know until now, however, is that the Vienna-based musician and producer is now following up with his mini-album “The Subject Matters”, leaving out the beats altogether.

The focus is on atmospheres and melodies in 2023. The spectrum on “The Subject Matters” ranges from pieces in familiar portions (“Swan Swap” and “Fireflies”) to compositions like “Drown Control” – in collaboration with Two South And A Grain – and “The Subject Changes” which come along in overlength. The track to the next longplayer this year is laid. Neverending Rauschen.