Zanshin - Swings & Roundabouts
Swings & Roundabouts [AFF 011]
Zanshin - Muddle In The Middle
Muddle In The Middle [DIGAFF 002]
Zanshin - Rain Are In Clouds
Rain Are In Clouds [AFF 008]
Zanshin - The Humdrum Conundrum EP
The Humdrum Conundrum EP [AFF 007]
Various - What A Fine Mess We Made
What A Fine Mess We Made [AFF 006]

Zanshin is from Vienna and likes to play with sounds. A versatile beast, kind of a swiss army knife of electronic music. He enjoys banging out frenetic and frantic beat structures capable of blowing any rock formation to bits and pieces, he relishes the lush and lascivious green fields of thick synthesized ambiences.

Exploring Zanshin will leave you with traces of any kind of broken step leading to classic electro flirting with abstract jazz and avantgarde. This is music that spreads from sweaty club floors to lonely rides on the night train with ease, a fractured panorama of emotional complexity.

He celebrated his debut in 2011 with “The Humdrum Conundrum EP” followed by the experimental rooted full length album “Rain Are In Clouds” on Affine Records in the same year. In 2013 he began to fiddle with uptempo sounds and served the “bass-heavy-broken-house” blueprint “Swings & Roundabouts” which showed his preferences as a DJ in a clear manner.

Zanshin is an idea, more a concept than a name, meaning “the heart that remains”. As its roots are found in asian martial arts, it is hinting at a certain kind of vigilance and alertness, ready to react in any given situation. Something for your mind, body and soul.