Hope Chess
Nabelschnurtanz EP
Boom Boom Boom


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Kenji Araki is a digital artist based in Austria with roots in Japan. His work is influenced on the deconstruction of contemporary art and music.

The exploration of genre- and medium boundaries are at the core of his artistic ethos and lead to an aesthetic that is equally harsh, alien, somber and beautiful. In June 2022, Kenji set his first musical milestone with the release of his debut album “Leidenzwang”. Since then, he has been conquering “the floors of this world” and “the hearts of the critics of the world” one after the other. His irrepressible output is also reflected in his collaborative music projects. These currently range from hyperpop blossoms with ANTHEA to a new definition of sensitive indie with Ybsole at enns. In November 2023, Kenji released his second album “Hope Chess”. This album continues to explore genre-busting post-club sounds, but its overall substance is much more sensitive and decelerated than previous works.